What is Green 16?
    Green 16 is a boycott of The Beer Store.

    On the biggest beer drinking day of the year, St. Patrick's Day (Saturday, March 16)

    Ever wondered why you can't buy beer at the corner store like in Quebec? Are you tired of picking your beer while you wait in line from a chart of tiny logos? Sick of Blue, Coors, Bud and the other big brands? There are hundreds of great beers brewed right here in Ontario and they can't get shelf space because The Beer Store wants to sell you the brands produced by its owners.    
Wait, doesn't the government run the beer store, like the LCBO?
    NO! The Beer Store is owned jointly by InBev (Belgium), Molson-Coors (American), and Sapporo (Japan). These three privately held, foreign-owned companies control what beers you can buy, as well as where and when you can buy them. 

So what do we do about it?
    The first step is raising awareness. Send a message to The Beer Store that you're tired of their monopoly by buying your St. Patrick's Day beer at the LCBO. Try something new and buy a beer brewed in Ontario. Put our logo on your Facebook page, tweet, share and spread the word that you want to buy your beer your way!

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Suggested Beers
Looking for an alternative similar to Canadian or Blue? Try these great local craft beers:

Mill St. Organic
Cool Beer
Amsterdamn Blonde
Be Heard
Send a letter to your MPP